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A Way With Words

Is a distinctively Welsh copywriting business which is also open to the world. At the very heart of our mission is the fact that we are proudly bilingual, able to make use of both Welsh and English in all our work. Welsh, the traditional language of Wales, is one of the oldest living languages in the whole of Europe. The very fact that it has survived as an every-day means of communication next door to England, and one of the most powerful and expansive languages in the history of the world is nothing short of a modern day miracle.

It is most appropriate therefore that A Way With Words is based in Caernarfon, the capital of Welsh-speaking Wales, where 86% of the population speak Welsh as their first language. But our equal fluency in English also provides us with another window on the world, a world where English is increasingly important as a language  of trade, of connection and of opportunities especially since the advent of the Internet.

Fluency in two languages and our unique blend of the traditional and the modern provides insight, understanding and empathy-all key requisites in today’s multi-connected, digital world.

Amongst our content services are Translation, Simultaneous Translation, Editing and Advice.

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