Striking out as a solo

ONE of the growing features of the working landscape today is how many people say they would like to start up a solo enterprise.

This is especially pronounced among the younger generations, with 60% of Generation Z(born 1995) declaring in a recent survey that they want to be ‘entrepreneurs not employees’

There are many reasons listed for this growing trend, such as flexibility, freedom and control over one’s own working destiny. And a desire to be creative, to bring something new into the world.

And it’s not just the 20 and 30 somethings either-since older people are also starting to embrace this new way of life with enthusiasm.

And I can vouch for this as someone who has just launched an on-line copywriting business in my 50ies, providing all kinds of different writing services, in both Welsh and English.

Thanks to the internet, I can be based in Caernarfon- the capital of Welsh Speaking Wales- but with the potential to reach an even wider audience because of the global reach of English.

A couple of the business’s earliest clients were actually from amongst the Welsh diaspora in the US-which could well prove to be an emerging market for Welsh businesses post Brexit.

When I think about my particular motivations for striking out solo, independence is one key consideration.

As a self-declared introvert, I’ve always valued my personal independence.  The space, time, silence and means to exist on my own terms.

To follow the beat of my own drum. Not to have to follow the crowd.

My experiences in the usual working environment in the past have not been the most beneficial and productive for me as an individual.

I’ve always hated the mindless conformity, group think, and the brown nosing that seems such an integral part of most work set-ups.

And the fact that they never, ever really cater for introverts, and the way that introverts’ brains are wired for work and life.

Indeed, the way that most introverts are shamed  and belittled in the modern workplace where the loudest vessels are lionised so much.

And don’t get me started on the soul-draining phenomena of office politics!

So, it’s a natural mind enhancing and soul lifting step for me to set up my own copywriting business.

Where I can work at my own pace and set my own boundaries. Where I can be me.

It’s taken many years, and several detours, but finally being able to work for myself, doing what I love doing most of all in life- writing-, is like coming home.

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