Why Introverts just have to write!

ONE of the benefits of the internet is that has allowed more and more people to start-up their own on-line businesses.

It has enabled individuals to communicate and trade with each other- two of the foundational aspects of human existence since time immemorial- in completely new and creative ways.

It truly has opened up new vistas of opportunities for people of all ages, whoever they are and wherever they are located in the world of today.

It can provide a type of personal and economic freedom for individuals that previous generations could never have imagined for their working lives.

And on-line writing opportunities are a godsend for one particular group of people…. Introverts.

Good news for someone like myself who is a self-confessed-and proud- Introvert!

Modern society including the workplace seems geared towards rewarding extroversion at every turn. Those who are lauded most today are the loudest!

Those who can network, work the system, do the small talk and promote themselves ceaselessly.

Introverts are at a distinct disadvantage in this world. Quite literally, this is not our world. It’s a world from which we often feel excluded and disenfranchised. Often even shamed for not being part of it.

Our world doesn’t revolve around speaking: rather it’s composed of quietness, solitude, reflection, listening and observation. And then writing about it.

There’s even a cool scientific explanation for this “war of the worlds” between extroverts and introverts based on how different individuals use different pathways in the brain.

Extroverts, they say, rely more on short-term memory- that’s why they excel so much in casual day to day conversations.

Introverts however, depend more on long-term memory. It’s harder for us to put our thoughts into words on the spot because pulling information out of long-term memory is essentially more difficult.

That’s why in company, we’re much more likely to be listeners than participants in conversation.

We also know that listening to other people allows us to gather tons of information about different subjects which can serve as a continual fountain of creativity for our main joy in life.

Writing is more than just important for Introverts. It’s actually essential for our well-being.

Quite simply, writing allows our world to claim it’s  rightful place in life. It allows our voice to be articulated. On our terms.

Writing gives us the time, the peace and the thinking space to do our very best speaking.

A Way With Words is more than a business. It’s a Way of Life.